My First Post

Welcome to my blog

A little about me: I am a person who is interested in statistics and data visualization. I enjoy seeing data represented in interesting ways. Data is beautiful.

I am also very interested in software craftmanship, making high quality code and discovering what are the best design principles.

When you put these two interests together, it is no surprise that I am interested in writing websites that have cool graphs in them!

How I hope to use my blog

I hope that this is a blog that documents my progression as a professional. I want to see how I have changed over the years and document the things that are in my head. I sometimes have many thoughts bouncing in my head and I wish to put them into writing as a way of explaining them to an imaginary person, as a way of further understanding these ideas myself.

I love exploring new technologies, and want to write about my progress learning them. In the future I plan to tackle machine learning, more complex data visualization and a little dev ops.

More specifically…

Here are some projects I have coming down the pipeline. Right now the Boring Man Rewrite is in full development, and I want to ensure that this blog reflects the excitement for the future of my beloved game!

I am working on projects that aim to augment the player experience. Such as:

  1. boring man discord bot
  2. boring man ratings rcon script
  3. boring man 1v1 automator
  4. boring man casino
  5. boring man boring man website
  6. boring man server host on demand

Besides software development, I want to start making some content of the game

  1. map based around a certain aesthetic (dark fantasy sci-fi map) with custom tiles
  2. tech video
  3. map showcases
  4. matches between top players

Boring man may be my focus for the next few weeks but in the far future (3 months?), I know I have some projects in areas of game development and artificial intelligence I want developed.

  1. A game like mega man, grid based combat online
  2. Idk anything about AI/ML but after taking a few courses I’ll think of something

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